Thursday, May 08, 2014

An allotment on a garden office

Joel Phelan's shed made largely out of recycled materials is one of my favourite entries for this year's Shed of the Year competition (Joel also makes sheds - more details here). So there are vegetables up on the roof and inside is his shedworking space which he uses for painting and as a music practise room.

"It is great to work knowing it provides me with a really high level of sustainability," he says on the site. "The lights are powered by a solar panel, I use a wood burner to heat it, and then there is the allotment roof. It's easy to access with a little staircase and I have a little tin bath up there for a summer soak. It's a little mini countryside which keeps me sane in a city."

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  1. Wow I have never seen such amazing sheds. They really push the limits of what i thought possible. Very nice.