Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boulton & Paul summerhouse: advice please

Reader John Boulton (no relation) is on the lookout for help regarding his Boulton & Paul summerhouse, an example of which is pictured. "We have a dilapidated one in Essex which about 60 years ago I recall being pushed round in as a child," he writes. "It was moved to another part of the garden probably 45 years ago, but seems to be without any underfloor mechanism for revolving. I tried metal detecting where it used to be but just a few rusty bits of bolt emerged. I would be interested in resurrecting it properly, as it has most of the original cedar panels, sliding windows and door etc. Would anyone who has worked on one of these please be able to advise on what the revolving mechanism would have looked like? Or in fact any specifications." Please leave your comments below or contact me directly and I'll put you in touch with John. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. Hi John,
    apologies for only just finding your post!
    we have only come across one Boulton and Paul summer house that is like yours - please see our youtube video and website for close up pictures and further details on the revolving mechanism. You are more than welcome to drop me an email if you require any further info. Jamie (on behalf of UKAA)

  2. I also have one exactly the same that I am currently renovating. I made the mistake of scrapping the base when I moved it many years ago. It now sits on 4 castors.

    I'd love to make a new base so it can revolve again. Does anyone have dimensions please?