Monday, April 08, 2013

Has the beach hut bubble burst?

Graham Norwood in The Independent [disclaimer: I work for the Indy] reports on what may be the end of the bonkers prices being paid for beach huts, partly the result of vandalism, arson and rising rents. "Although huts are still affectionately regarded by many," he writes, "their big price rises prior to the downturn deterred some potential buyers, as did restrictions by most councils banning owners from staying in them overnight. A further deterrent today is the high running cost." Well worth a browse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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  1. It could be the terrible designs, old cracking paint, and the rules and regs attached to a glorified, rusting, old shed that puts people off the beach huts of today!

  2. Spot on mate! Yes I too agree with your point. These days’ people are not pretty much concern about beach huts. Anyway this seems to be a good option.

  3. Well I think it’s a nice design. But the people inside these won’t get the real beauty of the beach. This would be great if someone is planning to stay near beach for couple of days only.