Friday, December 09, 2011

How I built my office shed

A marvellous and detailed post by internet technology specialist Daniel Hayes covers all the whys and wherefores of designing and building a garden office in Texas for himself and his wife Vanessa (plus roomy enough to host three or four clients), what he calls his "world shedquarters". Do read the post which covers their search to build sustainably, Daniel's standing desk and plenty of technical detail. Here's a snippet:
"The office took a couple of months to build as I could only work on it nights and weekends. I did hire a master electrician to do all the rough in and a drywall guy. While I can do basic electrical, and certainly drywall, I’m smart enough to call a pro for those. I got some painting help from my wife and ex-wife (we’re all friends… but that’s another post), and some help hanging the doors from my friend Steve, but I did the rest of the job by myself. I wish I had more help with the roof and some of the framing, but otherwise it wasn’t too difficult a job."
He adds: "It’s hard to express how truly happy we are with the results. The office is a great place to work and lets us separate “work” from “home,” yet is only steps away from our back door. Plus, everyone who sees it loves it. We’ve even had a few tell us they were jealous! It feels great to know we did it ourselves, and for the most part, on the cheap."
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