Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best shed blog: winner's acceptance speech

An excellent speech which encapsulates not only the delights of shedworking but also the wonders of blogging. And we're working on the plaque...
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  1. Christian sums up all the best reasons to blog.

    You enjoy creating content
    Others enjoy reading your content
    To document something
    You are passionate about something
    To submerse yourself in that passion
    To share your findings
    To thank your mentors
    To create a community to share and talk
    To receive needed help and input from others

    I wish all bloggers would start with these in mind.

    tom o.
    Chicago, Illinois, USA

  2. brian1:52 PM

    I want to something to get inspiration! Great interview!

    Glaziers Islington

  3. I must confess, I'm not a blog fan. but the standard of presentation and especially the quality of your content makes this blog most enjoyable.

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  4. Excellent! That really is how the wonder of blogging could be! Thanks for sharing.