Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution is an inspirational illustrated handbook which no shedowner will want to be without. The book features shedworkers and shedbuilders from around the world who are leading the alternative workplace revolution, and looks at why shedworking is a greener way of working, improves work-life balance and accelerates your productivity. It is sadly now out of print but copies are available at abebooks and ebay.


A book to inspire all proto-cabin dwellers - Lady

This book promotes the future purpose of the shed, as a utopian work-space or office
The Scotsman... 

The complete guide to relocating a business to the end of the garden

Even if you've never dreamed of having your own little idyll at the bottom of the garden, the gorgeous pictures in this book will change your mind

It reveals a vivid cornucopia of architecturally innovative sheds and sets out everything a shedworker manqué might want to know about building regulations and planning permission, tax implications, garden office suppliers and how to build one - The Independent

Packed with historical anecdotes and handy tips, as well as great case studies - with imagery - of people who’ve adopted this route to privacy - Lynda Relph-Knight, Editor, Design Week

Crammed with fantasies - Reader's Digest

I love this illustrated book of workplace sheds and shedbuilders around the world from famous work sheds and their productive occupants to the futuristic, green constructions of today. I want one. - The Bookseller

An encyclopedia quality reference guide that will undoubtedly ignite a revolution in housing and work spaces. It is a book that is as beautiful, efficient, precisely, and carefully designed as the architecture it describes.” ~ Gregory Johnson, Director of the Small House Society

Inspirational images of garden offices, summer houses, mobile offices, tree houses and traditional sheds, and the stories of those who inhabit them, as well as practical advice on how and where to build one - The Women's Room

Full of photos and imagination this one is a surprise that keeps on giving - Digital Dads

The book features stunning photos of a plethora of different garden rooms, and explains the many benefits of owning a garden room. The book is excellent read for anyone looking to buy a garden room - Garden Room Guide

The allure for me lies in the way Johnson combines both physical buildings and work-life theory in his vision of a “shedshaped” future - Fathers and Work Life Balance

Once in a while a great book about sheds comes along. This is such a book - Shedstore

There are solutions to suit almost any garden size and budget. They don’t have to look very, well, “sheddy,” either, and can incorporate conveniences like underfloor heating and air conditioning - WebWorkerDaily

"The book has the undeniable look and feel of something that would rest forever on a trendy coffee table. But when you start to move through the text, you'll agree there's a wealth of information worth reading. Any given idea or illustration might just change the way you approach work in the future - Jetson Green

All in all, a fascinating read! - Westmorland Gazette

If you are considering relocating to the bottom of the garden, Shedworking will help you decide - English Garden Magazine 

If you work from home, why not branch out into the garden to see if 'shedworking' works for you! - Scottish Sunday Mail 

A great coffee-table book containing a plethora of absorbing pictures of ecologically-friendly, hi-tech and downright bizarre-looking garden offices - Caravan Club Magazine

You're unlikely to find pots and compost in these sheds, but for home-workers looking for a superior quality of life and dreaming of an ideal working space, these sheds are something to drool over - Bookseller