Friday, May 05, 2023

'The Brain' garden office

There are garden offices and then there are garden offices. This spectacular example from Seattle-based Olson Kundig (click for more excellent interior photos) is called The Brain and is described as a "cinematic laboratory" for a film-maker. It's built from concrete and features a steel mezzanine.  Here's how the architects describe it:

"The double-height single room of the main space is inserted with a loft constructed entirely of 1/2-inch steel plates that are welded and folded in an “origami” fashion in order to produce the rigidity and strength need to become structurally self-sufficient. A set of stairs to the loft is hidden behind a darkroom and storage space is tucked beneath the steel loft, while a fireman’s pole provides an easier and more flamboyant means of egress down."

They add that it is "as much a treehouse, fort, and playroom as it is a serious work space".


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