Thursday, August 25, 2016

Off grid garden office

Russell Graves has put together an excellent blog post detailing how he has put together his off grid home office. The whole thing is well worth reading but here is a snippet:
A few months ago, I moved to a beautiful rural location in sunny farm country, and I work from home. I do some generic tech work, some battery pack rebuilding, and some teardown/analysis/reverse engineering of various gizmos. A standalone structure gives me space to work that's separate from the house.  This is important to me for several reasons:
  • If I share work and home space, I have a very hard time separating work from "not-work."  I've learned this lesson in the past, and don't care to repeat it.
  • I prefer quiet spaces, suited to concentration, for working.  A house with a wife and kid isn't this.  On other occasions, aggressive symphonic metal at high volumes is useful.  I've worn headphones for a lot of my working life, and don't want to wear them if I don't have to.
  • Some of my work involves fumes - soldering, spot welding, adhesives, etc.  I don't want these in the house.
  • I play with high energy battery packs.  A 500Wh pack shorting out is very exciting - I want a separate space for this.
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  1. Great idea if you've got a big enough garden. Can the office be used all year round?