Monday, May 04, 2015

Myrtle Cottage Garden Studio

Winner of the RIBA South West Award 2015, Myrtle Cottage Garden Studio is the fine work of Bath-based Stonewood Design who describe is as "space to work, to sew, to play guitar, to sleep, or as a hide to observe the woodland wildlife. The key driver to achieving the brief was to create a design which worked seamlessly with the natural forms and levels of the garden, in order that an architecture is created which is less of a building, and more of a landscape."

The designers add out that "the intensive planted roof disappears into the flora of its surroundings. The walls become stone garden walls which retain the undulating level changes on the site. The project has been accepted by the local deer community, who have been spotted wandering over and around the Garden Studio."

The shedworking space is clad in pre-patinated copper to blend with the natural colours of the landscape and features a sofa bed, wood burner, and cupboards inside.

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