Monday, April 28, 2014

Memories of Henry Williamson's writing hut

A nice piece in the North Devon Journal about the sale of Henry 'Tarka the Otter' Williamson's writing hut includes comments from his son Rob about his memories of the hut. Here's a snippet:
"We would often be asked to go into the hut and listen to what he had been writing and as children we would be asked if it was okay. It was rather magical because he had such a wonderful reading voice. He could read most brilliantly and it was a privilege. Certainly we would be very willing to take somebody who might not give the best price but who would look after it as it is now. Henry’s legacy to the world are his books, not the hut. The hut is a fantastic place and has fantastic memories, but it’s his books that will stand the test of time."
The hut will be auctioned on May 23 and has been valued at £110,000.
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  1. wow.. £110,000 is a big number but i think that it deserve that value.

  2. Worth buying it, whose owns this now he/she must be happy have one this