Monday, March 10, 2014

The Quiet Treehouse

Treehouse specialist Blue Forest hasbeen working with Quiet Mark (the trading arm of the Noise Abatement Society) and John Lewis to develop a tranquil tree-home with next generation sound engineering. The Quiet Treehouse will be unveiled at the Ideal Home Show from 14-30 March 2014 at London’s Earls Court and will be donated for permanent use by Chestnut Treehouse children’s hospice in Sussex and will provide the children and their families with a safe and stimulating environment in which to play, relax and share time together.

Inspired by the shape of a small coppice of trees, three primary trunks support the cocoon-like shedworkingesque structure which is accessed via stairs to the main floor. Its design can actually be installed independently of a host tree.

Andy Payne, Managing Director at Blue Forest, said: “So many temporary structures for shows are designed to only be up for a short while and are then dismantled and the material thrown out which is a tremendous waste. A key challenge of this treehouse project was to design something that could be installed at the Ideal Home Show in only seven days but that would be durable and long-lasting, providing real value for its final home at Chestnut Tree House Hospice.”

Visitors to The Quiet Treehouse will learn about the power of sounds in our homes and lives. The experience will include personal sound-portraits, a Wild Sanctuary animal sound archive and a chance to win an array of Quiet Mark awarded luxury technology products. The treehouse will also be full of the latest quiet gadgets  -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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