Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Ben Fogle: shedworker

A nice - if perhaps rather blokey - piece by broadcaster and traveller Ben Fogle about his shed in the Daily Telegraph (which also mentions a quarterly magazine called The Shed - I wonder if he's getting confused with the pdf forerunner of Shedworking?). Here's a snippet:
"While many people prioritise practicality, my vision is entirely driven by aesthetics and provenance. I wanted everything in my shack to have been recycled, upcycled or reused. And of course, it had to look the part. The doors came from an old museum, the wooden cladding was from pallets, the lights were salvaged from a ship, the windows came from an old factory. The crowing glory was a tiny wood-burning stove, to provide a glimmer of heat in the upcoming winter. All of this was topped off with a children's turret, with a tiny trap door, ladder and firemens pole."
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