Monday, July 15, 2013

Stan Cullimore on the search for the perfect shed

We mentioned a while ago about Stan 'Housemartins' Cullimore and his newfound love of shedworking and there's a really nice piece by him in The Observer about his search for a shed in which to write songs for the marvellous folk. Here's a snippet:
I went online, and somehow I stumbled across what is possibly the poshest shed in the south-west: a cute little place called Breakers, in Whitsand Bay, Cornwall, that took my breath away. From looking at the pictures, I didn't know whether to call it a chalet, a glorified beach hut or some kind of five-star shed on steroids. What I did know is that if hobbits lived in huts, this is the sort of place they'd want to live in. In fact, I'll go further. If hobbits lived halfway up a cliff in Cornwall and had great taste, unlimited budgets and a love of surfing, this is exactly the place where you'd find them.
 Well worth a browse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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