Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boulton & Paul restored revolving shed

Shedworking is indebted to reader Alan Field who indulges the staff's delight in revolving sheds and garden offices with these photos of his Boulton & Paul shed (the kind of rotating shed owned by George Bernard Shaw). "It was seeing a post on your site about a Boulton & Paul summerhouse," he writes, "that prompted me to do something about my own building which had long been languishing out of sight and, I feared, needlessly rotting quietly away. Despite being forklifted over bumpy acres (twice) this 1920s original B&P required only the doors rehanging before its first ever make-over this month. There's quality for you."

More details about B&P here and, in greater depth, here.http://www.heritagecity.org/research-centre/industrial-innovation/boulton-and-paul.htm
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