Friday, June 10, 2005

What the media say...

"In 2008, particularly for architecture, I found Preston of Jetson Green, Justin of Materialicious and Alex of Shedworking were finding the coolest stuff fastest. " Lloyd Alter, Treehugger... "Alex is an absolute evil genius and has the entire internet inside his head like it's the Matrix" Emma Townshend, The Independent... "not only satisfies the need for eye-candy and an entertaining read, the site also has useful, practical information for anyone wanting to set up in the back garden" Lila Das Gupta,"the thinking sheddie's blog" Lucia Adams, The Times... "written sharply and humourously" UK Ecology..."a fabulous blog that we have been brazenly milking" Lloyd Alter, Treehugger... "Encyclopaedic" Simon Busch, Financial Times... "testifies to the growing popularity of the shed as thinking space" "The Indiana Jones of the shedworking world" Enterprise Nation..."Tapping into that super-articulate but hard-to-reach growing market" Antonia Swinson, The Scotsman..."one of those highly specific blogs that you would never really expect to exist but does, and successfully so" Mark White, Better Business Blogging... "comprehensive" Build It magazine... "everything about working in a shed" The Guardian ..."The Shed Daddy" Garden Monkey... "the shed-dweller’s “boy-next-door.” Debra Prinzing, author Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways... "cet excellent blog" Urban Bike ... "the Mighty Shedworker" Materialicious ... "THE guide to the outdoor room used as an office" My Urban Garden Deco Guide ... "the best in tiny little dwellings meant for so much more than storage" Manolo for the Home... "un blog sobre el diseño, construcción y filosofía de los espacios pequeños" Futuratronics..."Alex is the undisputed king of shedworking with his blog becoming a mecca for all shed dwellers" HomeWorker..."a great place to go BEFORE you become a shedworker, as it offers all sorts of useful information about suppliers, designs, fittings and insulation" Victoria Summerley, The Independent

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