Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Garden art studio

A nice case study of how Laura Bird runs her Miss Bird’s School of Art from her Malvern Garden Buildings garden studio."My main goal was to have a space outside that I could teach in, so that my family could still hang out indoors," she explains. "I wanted my space to be calm and beautiful so that my students would never want to leave. 

"I live in a ground floor flat with my husband and daughter, so space isn’t plentiful. My garden studio is a saving grace as it allows me to teach my art students when the family are still in the home, or I can escape to do some painting when I need a little me time. During the summer months, it’s the perfect space to do arts and crafts with my daughter and her friends. As my garden space is so small, I needed the studio to be as big as it possibly could be, especially in length, in order to fit a group of ten children. I chose the one I did mainly because I loved the way it looked. I actually love looking at it when I’m in the house as it’s so beautiful!" 

Read the rest of the interview at the Malvern Garden Buildings site here


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