Tuesday, December 08, 2020

The Large Ovalhouse

One of the biggest changes in how we work in the last 10 years has been co-working. Shedworking is all in favour of this where it works for the individual, but if you want to combine co-working with shedworking, then this garden office from a range offered by Prestige Pods is well worth investigating.  

As you can see above, there's plenty of glass in the Large Ovalhouse model - and therefore light- in the attractively rounded construction and it in fact seats 14 (they claim). It has a stainless steel frame and multiple laminsted spruct timber arcs, plus a lockable French doore entrance. Inside there are two separate tables and LED lighting.

Alternatively, there's a small version below along similar lines which measure 2.6m high x 3.8m wide.


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