Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Garden office pod wins title of “Creative Product of the Year”

I can't honestly say that I am familiar with the Boao International B&B Industry Development Forum and Industrial Resource Link Expo which was held recently. But I am delighted to report that Shanghai-based housing manufacturer Conrayn won 'Creative Product of the Year' for its garden office pod, pictured above. Here's what they say about it:

"It is designed to offer privacy in the garden home work area,  for people who want to be focused on working efficiently at home without being disturbed. Equipped with internet cable connections , table and cabinets, LED lighting and lighting belt, you just need to place one chair inside and enjoy the highly efficient workspace. Unlike other systems, Conrayn acoustic garden office pod doesn not need special foundation work and stands directly on your office floor,. With 4 foot castors, it can be easily pushed by one person, so is very convenient to be relocated."


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