Friday, March 20, 2020

Coronavirus update: Booths offering £1000 discount

Booth's Garden Studios is among the garden office companies who have been in touch with Shedworking with details about what measures they are implementing as a result of the coronavirus.

They will be installing garden studios or annexes with a "no contact" policy i.e. their staff will not come into contact with customers during installation. They are also advising that new customers do not enter their garden office,, studio or annexe after installation for 48 hours. To implement this policy, all the fitters will need to know is where customers want their new building positioned e.g. simple markers placed on the ground like 4 spoons for each of the studio corners would be sufficient or six spoons for an L-shape annexe.

In addition, Booths are also offering £1000 discount on new garden office purchases. "This is to help you in these uncertain times," says Alex Booth, "and to help keep our staff and the uk economy working. Working, but still safe. Safe for you and safe for our staff."

Measures Booths are implementing for our fitting staff include a supply of food so they don't have to go shopping while working, a mobile toilet so they don't have to go offsite, a supply of cleaner for their hands, and cleaning materials to wipe down all surfaces.
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