Thursday, April 12, 2007

Garden Offices in Homes & Gardens

Shedworking is obviously in vogue at the moment - as well as this month's Ideal Home coverage, there is also a section in Homes & Gardens (May issue), though they somewhat confusingly call them 'Garden Rooms', a term usually used for rooms actually inside a house which open out onto the garden, and it's towards the conservatory end of the shed market. Namechecks (with pictures) for Frost Conservatories (whose web site includes a marvellous but huge freestanding conservatory), Amdega, Sanctuary (a nice thatched one), Gabriel Ash, Scotts of Thrapston, and the Home Office Company.


  1. Dear Alex

    Thank you for adding a link to our site from your blog about the homes and gardens article, it is good to see an enthusiast doing his research (unlike this months grand designs magazine...)

    I thought I would also write in case you ever need images from us as I would be happy to forward then on to you.


    Toby Frost
    Frost Conservatories

  2. That's kind of you Toby. I'll be in touch offsite.